Franz Josef Haydn Catalogue
Musique vocale
XXXI. Arrangements

Index alphabétique

Catalogue Titre
H 31a/107A Cold Frosty Morning
H 31a/144A Country Lassie
H 31a/231A Jacobite Air
H 31a/131Ae fond Kiss
H 31b/ 48Allurement of love, The
H 31a/164, 164aAn thou wert mine ain thing
H 31b/  9Ar hyd y Nos (The live long night)
H 31b/ 55Aria di guerra e Vittoria
H 31a/114As I cam down by yon Castle Wa'
H 31a/184Auld Gudeman, The
H 31a/218Auld lang syne
H 31a/192Auld Rob Morris
H 31a/168Auld Robin Gray
H 31a/195Auld wife ayont the fire, The
H 31a/157Ay Waking O!
H 31a/ 57Banks of Spey, The
H 31a/171Bannocks o' Barley meal
H 31b/ 11, 11aBarbara Allen
H 31a/ 54Be kind to the Young thing
H 31b/ 56Bend of the Horse-shoe, The
H 31a/147Bess and her Spinning Wheel
H 31a/178, 178aBessy Bell and Mary Gray
H 31a/126Bid me not forget
H 31a/ 58, 58aBirks of Abergeldie, The
H 31a/187, 187aBirks of Invermay, The
H 31a/ 66Black Eagle, The
H 31a/162Blathrie o't, The
H 31a/ 68Blink o'er the Burn, sweet Betty
H 31b/ 23Blodau Llundain (The flowers of London)
H 31b/ 35Blodau'r Drain (The Blossom of teh Thorns)
H 31b/ 30Blodau's Grug (The flowers of the heath)
H 31b/ 54Blossom of the honey suckle, The
H 31a/176Blue bell(s) of Scotland, The
H 31a/ 39Blue Bonnets
H 31b/ 20, 20aBlythesome Bridal, The
H 31a/246Boatman, The
H 31a/101, 101bBonnie Gray ev'd Morn, The
H 31a/ 94Bonnie Kate of Edinburg
H 31a/102, 102a, 102b, 102cBonnie Wee thing
H 31b/ 25Bonniest Lass in a' the Warld, The
H 31a/ 59Bonny brucket Lassie, The
H 31a/172Bonny Jean
H 31a/232Border widow's lament, The
H 31a/200, 200aBraes of Ballenden, The
H 31a/226Braes of Ballochmyle, The
H 31a/207Braes of Yarrow, The
H 31a/ 46, 46aBrisk young Lad, The
H 31b/ 51Britons, The
H 31a/170Brook of Cowdenknows, The
H 31a/204Bush aboon Traquair, The
H 31a/224, 224aCaptain O'Kain
H 31b/ 26Castell Towyn (Towyn castle)
H 31a/ 55, 55aCauld Kail in Aberdeen
H 31b/ 39Cerdd yr hen-wr or Coed (The Song of the old man of the Wood)
H 31b/ 12Codiad yr Haul (The rising sun)
H 31b/  1Codiad yr Hedydd (The rising of the Lark)
H 31a/213Collier's bonny Lassie, The
H 31a/ 97Colonel Gardner
H 31a/216Corn riggs
H 31b/ 21Cornish May song, The
H 31a/193Craigieburn Wood
H 31a/253aCro Challin
H 31a/ 47Cumbernauld House
H 31b/  4Daffydd y Garreg-Wen (David on the White Rock)
H 31b/ 32Dainty Davie
H 31a/259Day returns, The
H 31a/136Dear Silvia
H 31a/138, 138aDeath of the Linnet, The
H 31a/229Deil tak the wars
H 31b/ 59Departure of the King, The
H 31b/ 34Digan y Pibydd Cock (The red piper's melody)
H 31a/217Donald
H 31a/139, 139aDonald and Flora
H 31b/ 50Door clapper, The
H 31b/ 14Dowch i'r Frwydr (Come to battle)
H 31a/152Down the burn Davie
H 31b/ 26Duncan Davison
H 31b/ 34Duncan Gray
H 31a/234East Neuk o' Fife, The
H 31a/ 74Eppie Adair
H 31b/ 27Erddigan Caer y Waun (The Minstrelsy of Chirk Castle)
H 31a/203, 203aErin-go-bragh
H 31b/ 20Eryri Wen (The white Mountains of Snowdon)
H 31a/188Ewe-bughts, The
H 31a/116, 116aEwy wi' the crooked Horn, The
H 31a/117Fair Eliza
H 31a/236Fair Helen of Kirkconnell
H 31a/156Fee fim, Father
H 31b/ 13Ffarwel Ffranses (Farewell Frances)
H 31b/ 40Ffarwell Jenengetid (Adieu to my juvenile days)
H 31b/ 29Fife and a' the lands about it
H 31b/ 58Flower of North Wales, The
H 31a/ 90, 90aFlowers of Edinburg, The
H 31a/212Flowers of the forest, The
H 31a/222For the lack of gold
H 31a/105Frae the Friends and Land I love
H 31b/  7, 7aFy gar rub her o'er wi' Strae
H 31a/179Galashiels
H 31b/ 15, 15a, 15bGalla water
H 31a/ 45Gard'ner wi' his Paidle, The
H 31a/196Gil Morris (Morrice)
H 31a/225Gilderoy
H 31a/ 88Glancing of her Apron, The
H 31a/254Good night and joy be wi'ye
H 31b/  2Gorhoffedd gwyr Harlech (The March of the Men of Harlech)
H 31b/ 13, 13a, 13bbGramachree
H 31b/  8, 8aGreen grow the Rashes
H 31a/112, 112aGreen Sleeves
H 31b/ 15Gristel Ground (The crystal Ground)
H 31a/ 63, 63aHallow ev'n
H 31b/ 42Happiness lost
H 31a/247Happy Dick Dawson
H 31a/243Happy Topers, The
H 31b/ 33Hela'r Ysgyfarnog (Hunting the Hare)
H 31a/100Her absence will not alter me
H 31a/257, 257aHere awa', there awa'
H 31a/ 49Heres a health to my true Love
H 31a/174Hey tutti taiti
H 31a/159Highland Mary
H 31b/ 11Hob y deri dando (Away, my herd, under the green oak)
H 31b/ 16Hob y deri danno (Away to the oaken grove)
H 31b/ 28Hoffedd Hywel ab Owen Gwynedd (The delight of Prince Hoel, son of Owen Gwyned)
H 31a/237Hooly and fairly
H 31a/ 36How can I be sad on my Wedding Day
H 31a/ 67How long and dreary is the Night
H 31a/141Hughie Graham
H 31a/256Humours o'Glen, The
H 31a/140, 140aI canna come ilke day to woo
H 31a/110I do confess thou art sae fair
H 31a/ 87I dream'd I lay
H 31b/ 17, 17aI had a horse
H 31b/  3I love my love in secret
H 31a/177I wish my Love were in a Myre
H 31a/ 80, 80aIf a body meet a body
H 31a/ 95If e'er ye do well it's a Wonder
H 31a/205I'll never leave thee
H 31b/ 30I'm o'er young to marry yet
H 31a/ 79Jamie come try me
H 31a/240Jenny dang the weaver
H 31a/132Jenny drinks nae water
H 31a/ 99Jenny was Fair and unkind
H 31a/252Jenny's Bawbee
H 31a/263Jingling Jonnie
H 31a/ 91Jockie and Sandie
H 31b/  2, 2aJohn Anderson, my Jo
H 31b/ 24, 24aJohn of Badenyon
H 31a/ 41John, come kiss me now
H 31a/109Johnie Armstrong
H 31a/154Johnny's gray breeks
H 31a/251Johny Faw
H 31a/238Johny Macgill
H 31a/220Katherine Ogie
H 31a/148, 148aKellyburn Braes
H 31a/269Kelvin Grove
H 31a/169Killicrankie
H 31b/ 57La Partenza dal Paese e dalli Amici
H 31b/ 45Lady Owen's delight
H 31a/127Lady Randolph's Complaint
H 31b/ 43aLamentation of Britain, The
H 31b/ 43bLamentation of Cambria, The
H 31a/235Langolee
H 31b/ 23Lass of Livingston, The
H 31a/209Lass of Lochroyan, The
H 31a/160, 160aLass of Patie's Mill, The
H 31a/272Lassie wi' the gowden hair
H 31a/199, 199aLast time I came o'er the muir, The
H 31b/ 27Leader Haughs and Yarrow
H 31b/ 31, 31a, 31bLea-rig, The
H 31a/215Lewie Gordon
H 31a/ 83Lizae Baillie
H 31b/  7Llwyn Onn (The Ash Grove)
H 31a/190, 190aLochaber
H 31a/163Logan water
H 31a/ 73Logie of Buchan
H 31a/175Lone vale, The
H 31a/158Looking glass, The
H 31a/ 53Love will find out the way
H 31a/210Low down in the broom
H 31a/182Macpherson's Farewell
H 31a/ 86Maggie's Tocher
H 31a/ 35, 35a, 35bMaggy Lauder
H 31a/ 84Mai'd Compaint, The
H 31a/221, 221aMaid that tends the goats, The
H 31b/ 36Malthreath
H 31b/  5Mantell Siani (Jenny's mantle)
H 31a/ 65Margret's Ghost
H 31b/ 49Marsh of Rhuddlan, The
H 31b/  1, 1aMary's Dream
H 31a/ 81, 81aMcGregor of Ruara's (Roro's) Lament
H 31b/  6Mentra Gwen (Venture Gwen)
H 31a/ 50, 50aMerry may the Maid be
H 31a/ 92, 92aMill, mill O, The
H 31a/115, 115aMinstrel, The
H 31a/143, 143aMorag
H 31a/ 42Mount your Baggage
H 31a/ 51, 51aMucking of Geordie's Byne, The
H 31a/242Muirland Willy
H 31b/ 31Mwynen Cynwyd (The melody of Cynwyd)
H 31a/189, 189aMy apron deary
H 31b/ 18My boy Tammy
H 31a/166My dearie if thou die
H 31a/120My Goddess Woman
H 31a/ 77My heart's in the Highlands
H 31a/258My Jo Janet
H 31a/262My lodging is on the cold ground
H 31a/194My Love she's but a lassie yet
H 31a/268My love's a wanton wee thing
H 31a/ 70, 70aMy Mithers ay glowran o'er me
H 31a/ 37, 37a, 37b, 37cMy Nanny O!
H 31b/ 60New Year's Gift, The
H 31a/125Nithsdall's Welcome home
H 31b/ 29Nos galan (New Years' night)
H 31a/111Now Westlin Winds
H 31a/ 89, 89aO bonny lass
H 31a/ 48O can you Sew Cushions
H 31a/273O gin my love were yon red rose
H 31a/ 61, 61aO let me in this ae night
H 31a/271O were my Love yon Lilac fair
H 31a/108O, For me and twenty Tam!
H 31b/ 16, 16aO'er Bogie
H 31a/149, 149aO'er the Hills and far away
H 31a/122, 122a, 122bO'er the Moor amang the Heather
H 31a/ 85Oh Onochrie (Oh! Ono Chrio)
H 1a/248Old highland laddie, The
H 31a/142On a Bank of Flowers
H 31a/151On Ettrick banks
H 31a/249Oonagh (Oonagh waterfall)
H 31a/255Open the door
H 31a/228Oran Gaoil
H 31a/267Over the water to Charlie
H 31b/ 22Pant corlant yr wyn: neu, Dafydd or Garreg-las (The lambs'fold vale; or, David of the blue stone)
H 31b/ 61Parson boasts of mild ale, The
H 31a/241Pat & Kate
H 31a/ 96Peggy in Devotion
H 31a/167Peggy, I must love thee
H 31b/ 33Pentland Hills
H 31a/183Pinkie House
H 31b/ 10Ploughman, The
H 31a/230, 230aPoet's ain Jean, The
H 31a/265Polwarth on the Green
H 31b/ 53Poor pedlar, The
H 31a/113Posie, The
H 31b/ 52Pursuit of Love, The
H 31a/161Queen Mary's lamentation
H 31a/227Rattling roaring Willy
H 31b/ 38Reged
H 31b/  8Rhyfelgyrch Cadpen Mordan (Captain Morgan's March)
H 31a/197Rise (Get) up and bar the door
H 31a/202Robin Adair
H 31a/ 72, 72aRobin quo' she
H 31a/253bRock and a wee pickle Tow, The
H 31a/135Rose Bud, The
H 31a/191, 191aRoslin Castle
H 31a/165Rothie murcus Rant
H 31a/103Roy's Wife of Alldicaloch
H 31a/223Sae merry as we ha'e been
H 31a/266Sailor's lady, The
H 31b/  5, 5a, 5bSaw ye my Father
H 31a/ 56Saw ye my Peggy
H 31a/185, 185aScornfu' Nancy
H 31a/173Sensibility
H 31a/219, 219aShe rose and loot me in
H 31a/239Shelah O'Neal
H 31b/ 21Shepherd Adonis, The
H 31a/106, 106a, 106bShepherd's son, The
H 31a/128, 128aShepherd's Wife, The
H 31a/ 93, 93aShepherds, I have lost my love
H 31a/121She's fair and fause
H 31a/208Silken snood, The
H 31a/260Siller crown, The
H 31a/250Sir Patrick Spence
H 31a/137Slave's Lament, The
H 31a/ 44Sleepy Bodie
H 31a/ 60, 60aSoger Laddie, The
H 31b/ 19St. Kilda Song
H 31a/ 78Steer her up and had her gawin
H 31a/145, 145aStrathallan's Lament
H 31a/150Strephon and Lydia
H 31a/198Sutor's Daughter, The
H 31a/261Sweet Annie
H 31b/ 44Sweet melody of North Wales, The
H 31a/180, 180aTak' your auld cloak about ye
H 31a/123Tears I shed, The
H 31a/201Tears of Caledonia, The
H 31a/186Tears that must ever fall
H 31b/ 14, 14aThis is no mine ain house
H 31a/146Tho' for sev'n years and mair
H 31b/ 12, 12aThou'rt gane awa'
H 31a/264Three Captains, The
H 31a/181Thro' the wood, Laddie
H 31a/ 52, 52aTibby Fowler
H 31a/130Tither morn, The
H 31a/ 98To Daunton me
H 31b/  6, 6aTodlen hame
H 31b/ 18Ton y Ceiliog Du (The Note of the black Cock)
H 31b/  3Torriad y Dydd (The dawn of Day)
H 31b/ 41Troiad y Droell (The Whirling of the spinning wheel)
H 31b/ 17Tros y Garrey (Over the Stone)
H 31a/270Tullochgorum
H 31a/206Tweedside
H 31b/ 10Twyll yn ei Boch (The dimpled cheek)
H 31a/233Up and war them a' Willie
H 31b/ 28, 28a, 28bUp in the morning early
H 31a/133Vain Pursuit, The
H 31b/  9, 9aWaefu' heart, The
H 31a/214, 214a, 214bWaly, waly
H 31a/ 40Wawking of the Fauld, The
H 31a/129, 129aWeary Pund o'Tow, The
H 31a/124, 124aWee Wee Man, The
H 31a/244What ails this heart of mine
H 31a/134, 134aWhat can a young Lassie do
H 31a/ 69, 69aWhat ye wha I met yestreen
H 31a/ 62, 62aWhen she came ben she bobet
H 31a/104While hopeless
H 31a/ 76, 76aWhistle o'er the lave o't
H 31b/ 22, 22aWhite Cockade, The
H 31a/ 75, 75aWidow, are ye waking
H 31a/118Widow, The
H 31a/153William and Margret (Margret's Ghost)
H 31b/  4, 4aWillie was a wanton wag
H 31b/ 47Willow hymn, The
H 31a/ 82Willy's Rare
H 31b/ 46Winifreda
H 31a/245Wish, The
H 31a/155Woes my heart that we shou'd sunder
H 31a/ 38, 28aWoo'd and Married and a
H 31b/ 19Wyres Ned Puw (Ned Pugh's Grand Daughter)
H 31b/ 25Y Bardd yn ei Awen (The inspired Bard)
H 31b/ 32Y Cymry Dedwydd (The happy Cambrians)
H 31b/ 24Y Gadly's (The Camp-Palace or Leader's Tent)
H 31a/ 43Ye Gods! Was Strephon's picture blest
H 31a/211Yellow hair'd laddie, The
H 31a/119Yon Wild Mossy Mountains
H 31a/ 71Young Damon
H 31a/ 64, 64aYoung Jockey was the blythest Lad
H 31b/ 37Yr hen Erddigan (The ancient harmony)

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