Knox Presbyterian Church
St. Thomas, ON.

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Composition sonore
Stop List

[Knox Presbyterial Church, St. Thomas, ON.]
Warren 1885 / Casavant 1897 / Karn-Warren 1910
Woodstock Organs 1930 / Dubé 1968 / Casavant 1981
Dodington & Dodington 2005

  • 4 claviers manuels et pédalier / 4 manuals and pedal
  • 80 jeux / stops, 57 rangs / ranks, 3,203 tuyaux / pipes
  • Traction électro-pneumatique / Electropneumatic action

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The Church

The Organ

Charles Summer Warren, of Toronto, installed the first pipe organ in Knox in 1885. He went into partnership with Dennis W. Karn, of Woodstock, in 1896, forming the Karn-Warren firm. Casavant Frères, of St. Hyacinthe, intervened in 1897. In 1910, the instrument was enlarged and rebuilt, by Karn-Warren, from mechanical to electro-pneumatic pitman action and was one of the earliest examples of this new type of manual pipe valve design. The facade was rebuilt using pipes from the Warren case.

In 1930, the organ with a new console was rebuilt by the Woodstock Organ Company, former Karn-Warren. The instrument was again rebuilt, in 1968, by Guy Dubé, formerly of Casavant Frères. New direct-electric pipe valve action replaced the troublesome pitman system and a new console was installed.

En 1981, the Antiphonal division was installed in the gallery, by Casavant Frères, adding a fourth manual. This new division required the installation of a four-manual console. The church found a 1947 Möller console in Buffalo, New York. This Antiphonal division is the old Swell division from a 1923 Casavant (Opus 970) from St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church in Toronto, which was torn down. The facade for this division uses pipes from the 1918 Casavant (Opus 737) built for Christ Church Deer Park in Toronto.

Over the next 30 years, while organ maintenance was entrusted to organbuilding firm Dodington & Dodington, the organ has had yet another thorough remodeling and enlargement. Most of the stops have been revised, rescaled, and revoiced by Ross Dodington. The principal chorus pipes of the Great have been scaled larger for a warmer tone as have the Swell strings. The Karn-Warren reeds were re-tongued by Casavant Frères under the supervision of Jacquelin Rochette. The reed shallots of the Great Trumpet were changed to a French design by Cavaillé-Coll for a more robust tone. Languid nicking was reduced on flutes and principals to brighten the tone and improve articulation.

In 2005, at the bequest of the Donald and Mary Anderson estate, Dodington & Dodington refurbished and installed a 1974, four-manual Casavant console (Opus 3226) purchased from Peace Memorial Presbyterian Church in Clearwater, Florida, with new solid state control systems custom manufactured by Artisan Classic Organ of Markham, ON. This console has record and playback, transposer for use with early instruments, and numerous other features which appeal to the sophisticated player demands of today's organist. There are 254 memory levels for preset combinations. The console cabinet is mahogany matching the existing wood paneling of the Karn facade. The console is movable for improved venue flexibility. Ken Cowan played the dedicatory recital October 28th, 2005.

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Composition sonore / Stop List

II. Great

III. Swell
(expressif / enclosed)

Double Open Diapason16' Bourdon16'
Open Diapason I (ext)8' Violin Diapason8'
Open Diapason II8' Stopped Diapason8'
Doppel Flute8' Holzgedeckt (ext)8'
1Flûte harmonique8' Gamba8'
Principal4' 2Celeste8'
Harmonic Flute4' Prestant4'
Twelfth2 2/3' Nason Flute4'
Fifteenth2' 1Nazard2 2/3'
CornetII Principal2'
1Grand CornetV Tierce1 3/5'
1MixtureIV 1MixtureIV
Double Trumpet (CH)16' Fagotto16'
Tuba (CH)8' Cornopean8'
Trumpet8' Oboe (ext)8'
Clarion (CH)4' Vox humana8'
Clarion (GT)8'



I. Choir
(expressif / enclosed)

IV. Antiphonal
(expressif / enclosed)

Principal (GT)8' Open Diapason8'
Rohrflöte8' Bourdon8'
2Flûte céleste8' Dulciana8'
Octave4' 2Unda maris8'
Gedackt4' Principal4'
Nasat2 2/3' Fifteenth2'
Flageolet2' MixtureII
1Quintflöt1 1/3' Trumpet8'
1Sifflöte1' Cor anglais8'
1MixtureIV Tremulant
Trumpet (GT)8'




Contra Tuba16'

Tuba (ext)8'

Tuba Clarion (ext)4'


Open Resultant32'
Lieblich Resultant32'
Open Wood16'
Open Metal (GT)16'
Gedeckt (SW)16'
Octave Wood (ext)8'
Octave Metal (SW)8'
Stopped Flute (ext)8'
Stillgedeckt (SW)8'
Super Octave (GT)4'
Choral Bass4'
Flute (GT)4'
Sharp Mixture (GT)IV
Fagotto (SW)16'
Contra Tuba (CH)16'
Trumpet (GT)8'
Tuba (CH)8'
Clarion (GT)4'
Tuba Clarion (CH)4'

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