Autres orgues
Other Organs

Instuments électroniques
Electronic Instruments
  • Allen Organs (Macungie, PA)
  • Classic Organbuilders (Toronto, ON)
  • Content Organs (Emerlo, Pays-bas / Netherlands)
  • Copeman Hart & Co. (Irthlingsborough, Angleterre/England)
  • European Organ Centre (Burlington, ON)
  • General Music Corporation (Besenville, IL)
  • Johannus (Pays bas / Netherlands)
  • Rodgers Instruments (Mississauga, ON)
  • Schmidt Piano and Organ Service (Kitchener, ON)

  • Harmoniums
    Reed Organs
  • Classical Free Reed
  • Doe Crest Organ Service (Upper Black Eddy, PA)
  • Harmoniums (Louis Huivenaar, Pays-Bas/Netherlands)
  • Reed Organ Home Page>/A> (Ohio Northern University)
  • Reed Organ Man (San Francisco, CA)
  • Reed Organ Society (Wichita Falls, TX)
  • Reed Organ and Harmonium Workshop (Smithy Steads, Angleterre / England)

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